David Sobotta's Favorites

Life along the coast gives me lots of time for writing and taking pictures.

I have learned a lot during my careers and some of what I have written is actually pretty good advice for those starting out.

Below is a selection of articles that I have written over the last several years. You might encounter some thoughts to keep you going.

Perhaps you will find something to help make a positive change in your life. If you desire a private conversation about one of the articles, use my contact form.

Find more about how we got to the Crystal Coast at my homepage.

30 Favorite Articles By David Sobotta

Find Your Own Path Community The Way to Leadership It Takes More Than Tweets A Worthy Sensibility
Don't Hit Me with You Modem Lessons Learned The Double Win Three Kinds of People Storms of Life
Choices Death of Sales Leadership Death of Common Courtesy Avoiding Distractions Peace In Wildness
It's Worth Doing Well Still in the Adult Ranks Three Things to Grow Strength in Mistakes Life's Lessons
What Sales Is About Listening for Success True Leadership Being There On Being A Dad
Advice For My Children Standing Tall In Adversity Life Without Walls Uncrowded America Produce Stand Ethics

I am proud to live along a pristine coastal river just a few miles from the beaches of Emerald Isle.

If you would like to contact me, just use this form.