A River That Is Surviving

While the White Oak River gets more pollution that I would like to see, it is minor compared to the pollution that I have read about going into NY harbor.

I am proud that a pollution study in our area found that we can improve the health of the White Oak by slowing the water flow into the river after storms.  That is not a major reordering of our world.

We are lucky to have no city to really pollute the river.  I love seeing the shrimp and mullet compete for space in our inlet.  At one time the inlet was filled with mud and decaying vegetation.  Today it is swarming with life.

With help from millions of oysters, we already have very clean water, and we can make it cleaner.

It would be nice to have a fish management plan to go along with the plan to improve the water.

I think if there were fewer gill nets, we might see a resurgence of fishing.

I wonder if the oysters or crabs will eventually own the river?  They are both survivors.

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