A Beach Where You Can Be Yourself

We have all visited places where you felt out of place. There is nothing worse than being on vacation in a place where you feel that you might not belong.

In an ideal world, you could be on a beach and it would not matter if you drive a new Volvo or a beat up pickup truck. Actually beaches are probably better than some communities, but still I know from experience there are beaches along the North Carolina coast where the crowd is a little more well-heeled than some beaches which cater to the fishing crowd.

One of the reasons that I love the Crystal Coast is that our beaches are one where everyone is welcome and no one cares much what kind of car you drive or if your swim suit cost $500 or not.

It is not unusual for fishermen, kite surfers, hikers, and well equipped families to all share the same stretch of beach. I walk the beaches of Emerald Isle regularly and I am continually amazed at the broad spectrum of people that turn up on our beaches.

We have people of all ages, colors of the rainbow, and physical attributes who enjoy our beaches. I am proud that Emerald Isle also has worked hard to provide good accessibility to the beaches even for those who need to borrow a beach wheel chair

That lots of different people are comfortable on our shores just makes going to the beach a little easier and more fun.

If you want a gated beach world where everyone looks alike and it feels like a country club, the Crystal Coast part of the Southern Outer Banks is probably not your beach.

But if you want a beach where everyone is welcome to enjoy the warm sands and cool ocean water in a natural setting, then we definitely should be on your list of places to investigate.

Of course there is no better way to find our about our beaches than to read what those of us living here say about them.

I for one would not be here if this wasn’t a great place to enjoy some of the finest Carolina sand that can be found.

I have also written a book about the area. It provides lots of pictures, information and maps. If you spend some time with my book, A Week At The Beach - The 2013 Emerald Isle Travel Guide, I think you’ll know quickly whether or not our area is your cup of tea.

If you are looking for Myrtle Beach or Duck, we will let you go without any complaint. We enjoy our beaches a little on the uncrowded side.