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The ocean near Third Street Beach on Emerald Isle, July 1, 2011

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  1. This is a list of recent articles written by David Sobotta published by ReadWrite
  2. My iMac Has Turned Into An iLemon, And It Makes Me Concerned About Apple

    Seniors Should Be Dialing In On Smartphones

    Photo Finishing Your Memories Old and New

    The Real Problem With The Windows 8 User Interface - And It Isn't Touch

    Apple Is No Longer Easy: A Mac Mini Tale Of Woe

    Mac Mini Tale Of Woe, Part Deux

    Hands On With Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

    Apple & Lenovo: A Tale of Two Companies

    Why Do Americans Hate Technological Change?

  3. Visit the Crystal Coast Website with weekly posts on the area, weather, and things to do
  4. For a map of the area, restaurants, and things to do, download this PDF August Emerald Isle-Swansboro Brochure
  5. For a quick on-line guide written by someone living in the area Emerald Isle Web Guide 2011
  6. For quick information about the Swansboro, Cedar Point, & Cape Carteret areas The area through the eyes of a local
  7. For the absolute most up to date and detailed information about Emerald Isle and the western Crystal Coast or my book on Apple, click one of the images below

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