February Warmth, A Southern Birthright

February on our marsh is an interesting time. Sometimes we have a lot of warm days with a few cold ones interspersed just to keep the memory of winter alive like we did in February of 2013.

Then we can have a very cold first part of February like we have endured during 2014. Cold weather has been a big part of our life on the east coast this year. As we watch the sun set on Valentine’s day 2014, a good part of North Carolina and almost all of Virginia and the rest of the east coast are covered with snow. We are holding the line again the advancing snowpack.

Our old home turf in Roanoke, Virginia got two feet of snow out of this most recent storm which gave us ice for about 36 hours. Next week, we have three days when the temperature is supposed to make it into the mid to upper sixties and we have one day when we should reach 70F. Most of us think our warm weather is well past due.

Our climate on the coast is a mystery that I have been trying to solve for a long time.

Sometimes you just have to dream of warmth to get yourself through the cold spells. Eventually the spring sun takes over usually in the later half of February.

This next post was written about the middle of February in 2009, just when things typically start getting nice here on the coast.

This is one of those February days that you would have to work very hard to not enjoy. Last night we got a nice rain which was a lot better than snow or even dealing with snow envy.

I am happy to report that the window in my upstairs office is open and my view is close to that of the picture included in the post. Actually most of the difference is that I have a cat sitting in the window.

That is pretty normal since he seems to love the temperatures once they get up into the sixties. Right now at about 11:30 am we are already at 64F. I am sure the cat is warmer since he has position himself to catch the sun.

While I used to think that a temperature in sixties was about perfect, I now prefer it a little warmer since I like to be out on the water. A temperature in the low eighties now qualifies as about perfect.

It nice that the thunderstorm died down last last night just in time to let us go to sleep after watching Jay Leno. I can still remember a few impressive storms from last summer. It was impossible to sleep through them.

This morning we can hear the mortars from Camp Lejeune. I suspect that it comes from some of the Marines getting ready to head to Afghanistan.

I wish they were not going. I actual do not mind the mortars. It is the silence that means they have been shipped out.

Time to head out and enjoy this great day.

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