Rain That Put Hurricanes To Shame

This post was originally written on September 30, 2010. Having passed through a few hurricanes since then, I thought it might be useful to keep this storm in mind. No storm and that includes Irene which pounded us for over 24 hours has delivered more rain that this September 30 storm. I have added a couple of links.

I am no stranger to wild weather. We lived in the Canadian Maritimes for over sixteen years and saw some amazing snow storms.

Even with background, never did I consider the possibility that it could rain 20.25 inches of rain in one day here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Last Thursday it did.

Even more impressive is that we came through the storm fairly well. I was standing on dock at 3:30 pm when the tide started going out. Within just a few minutes the water had dropped a few inches. The rain continued for at least four more hours, but truly the tide had turned in our favor.

It was an impressive rain storm. Even that clip was NOT taken at the height of the storm. It was taken when I could stand on our porch without my camera getting soaked.

I took a lot of pictures, but this set illustrates how high the water came up, and how much it dropped by the next morning. It helps to have big drains like our coastal rivers.

Even on Monday morning as I edit this, there are plenty of places where the sound of pumps is constant. I am glad we are living where we are in Bluewater Cove. Everything drained well here.

There is a new house being built beside me, so I ended up shoveling part of their driveway out of my yard, but that was pretty minor and due to the lack of silt fence.

The water where we live is almost at our back steps most days, but we still managed to stay dry during this historic rain. I am happy to report that.

It also means we will be here for the next round of rain which seems to be upon us if the cloudy skies are any indication.

The good news is that the forecast for later in the week is nearly perfect. You cannot appreciate the great weather without having some nasty stuff along the way.

I keep track of morning temperatures. In 2008, we were at 54F. Last year we were at 63F, and this morning we are 60F so I guess things are almost at normal. I did notice Boone, NC recorded temperatures in the thirties this morning.

Life and weather on the Southern Outer Banks is never dull especially when storms like Arthur pay us a visit.

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