On May 29, 2013 we boarded the ferry which travels from Cedar Island, North Carolina to Ocracoke Island. I have been visiting Ocracoke since the summer of 1969 but our most recent trip was in July 2004.

We wanted to see how much Ocracoke has changed since our last visit. Our plans are to write a quick guide to visiting not only Ocracoke but also the Outer Banks as far north as Nags Head.

Our family has spent many summer weeks on the North Carolina coast, and I think the area offers some of the greatest beach vacations in the world.

Yet there are many folks who have no idea of the wide variety of vacations that you can create for yourself along the Carolina coast.

The fond memories that I have of many of those summer vacations have been key elements in my decision to create some travel guides for the North Carolina coast.

A good vacation along the North Carolina's thin strand of sand is a great way to get a perspective of a different world and people leading different lives that area rapidly disappearing in our century.

It is also a glimpse into a world that is quickly changing. It is still possible to find some of the magic that I found in those beach vacations of the fifties and sixties.

However with the proliferation of huge sand castles as we call the giant beach homes, it might not be long before it becomes difficult for the average family to experience an oceanfront sunrise.

  1. Cedar Island

  2. Ocracoke Island

  3. Hatteras Island

  4. Pea Island

  5. Bodie Island

  6. Nags Head