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As I create more and more content about the Crystal Coast,  I have found it increasingly difficult to manage it with the tools that I have been using.

With that in mind, I have gotten a new domain and found a new hosting provider.  The new company has really good support for WordPress.

I am hoping to consolidate much of my content on this site.  I have already been able to get some things working that seemed to be impossible with my old hosting provider.  It is nice to have things working without banging my head into a brick wall continually.  Sometimes your technology needs sneak up on you, and the only choice is to make a break with the past.

It is a good time of year to get everything in order before things get so busy with the spring real estate season not to mention the spring fishing season.  I am glad to already be making some good progress on my new strategy.

Spring is a time of change and new growth, so it is the appropriate time to get new things like this website launched.

Make no mistake about it, spring is coming to North Carolina.  As I sit writing at our kitchen table tonight, I can hear peepers in the marsh beside our home.

Today we were previewing some very nice neighborhoods in Jacksonville, NC which is about twenty miles farther inland than we are here on the banks of the White Oak River.

We saw a couple of homes with rows of daffodils blooming.  We also saw a few tulips and cherry trees.  As we were driving through the countryside, we also noticed winter wheat beginning to grow.

Tonight I talked to some relatives in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  As I suspected they planted their onions yesterday and a few cabbage plants.

This site will rapidly have additional content.  I have already moved copies of my Southern Outer Banks site, Bluewater Cove site, and Beaufort site.

For a preview of content which will be typical of this blog go to the current Crystal Coast Life site.