Fishy Waters

Fishy Waters

Fishy Waters

One of the fun things about spring is figuring out how the winter’s storms and winds have changed the area’s fishing holes.

There are some holes that seem to have the ability to hang around from year to year.  They are usually in protected areas in the sounds or up the river, which in our case is the White Oak.

There is a deep hole close to the red sixteen buoy in the White Oak River not far from my home dock.  I haven’t seen any changes in it in the five years we have lived here.  It is still the deepest hole that I know of on the river, and we can regularly catch fish around it but not in it.

The beach is a different story.  It is always in a state of flux, and over at the Point on Emerald Isle, the change is continuous. I first fished there in 1969, and it changes all the time.  I have made a number of hikes over there as spring has warmed our waters and ripened the area’s strawberries.

My last trip, I hauled along one of my fishing poles.  I found a couple of really nice places to fish including the one pictured at the top of the post.   I think it will be a very productive spot this summer if I can get to it before it gets occupied.

The one good thing is that by the end of the month when driving on the beach ends until fall, you will have to willing to take a pretty good hike to the spot unless you are staying in one of the beach houses along Inlet Drive.  This special spot has a spit of sand running out into the ocean.  The spit gets you just to the edge of a channel that runs behind a sand bar.  It is some very nice structure for fishing.

I didn’t have any luck the day that I was there, but it was just a little early.  I will probably not try fishing Easter weekend because of the crowds, but I might give it a shot the week after Easter.  All my instincts tell me that this will be a good spot to catch fish this summer.

There is also another nice spot just west along the beach from the spit.  There is a deep channel behind another sand bar.  It comes very close to the beach.

If you know how to look at a map, you can find the spit on the this Google map.  Just don’t pay much attention to all the water that Google says should be a the Point.  Mother Nature has added 1400 ft. of sand there.   That is a big change from November 2007 when water was right to the vehicle ramp.  There was a lot of sand there in December 2008 when the ramp was repaired but that is nothing to changes in the last year.

There are lots more pictures posted from my latest trip to the Point on Picasa Web Albums.