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The Point at Emerald Isle seen from the water

The Point at Emerald Isle from Bogue Inlet

While I try to keep this page current, you will find the latest and most detailed information in our most recent travel guide for Emerald Isle. In addition to Emerald Isle it covers Swansboro, Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Beaufort, and Morehead City.  The travel guide was updated in May 2016.

The White Oak River, the Croatan National Forest, and Cape Lookout National Seashore provide the background for North Carolina’s Crystal Coast which is also called the Southern Outer Banks or SOBX.

Most of the Crystal Coast is part of Carteret County, but almost everyone considers Swansboro, NC part of the Crystal Coast.  Swansboro is Onslow County’s eastern most outpost.  The mouth of the White Oak River meets Bogue Sound at Swansboro.

Swansboro Harbor is often a stopping point for sail boats as they make their way up and down the Intracoastal Waterway.  The town has plenty of modern conveniences but has not lost its small fishing village flavor as it has grown.  In addition to two car dealerships, you will find a dry stack marina and a number of locally owned restaurants including, Riverside Steak and Seafood, the best place to eat grouper in the whole world in my opinion.  Grouper is a favorite local fish enjoyed by many who would rather have their fish broiled or seared instead of fried.

Swansboro is also the home to a Food Lion, Piggley Wigley, and a Walgreens Drug Store.  A Hampton Inn opened just a few years ago.  The town also hosts the annual Mullet Festival, which takes place in early October, the Swansboro Arts by the Sea Festival which is scheduled in June, and one of my favorite festivals, the Swansboro Oyster Roast and Pig Out  takes places in March each year.

There are a number of shops the ladies enjoy along Front Street.  You can find anything from t-shirts and gifts to food and refreshments. The newly renovated Boro is a great place to grab a snack and the Ice House  just off Front Street and located on the water by the bridges over the White Oak is a local favorite.  In the summer you can eat outside on the water.  Other restaurants of note in Swansboro are Saltwater Grill at the end of Front Street and the Swansboro Beverage Company.  Through the Looking Glass, Swansboro’s downtown florist, gift, and Christmas Shop is next door to the new in 2016 candy store, Candy Edventure.  Beaufort Olive Oil company has a shop near Church St. Deli and a little further up Church St. is the Swansboro Tourist Bureau.  There are concerts at the Swansboro Pavilion at the corner of Church and Front Streets on Sunday evenings.

Once you are ready to head to the beaches from Swansboro, you will take a right turn on Highway 24 and head east across the two bridges which cross over the White Oak River.  Don’t hurry across both bridges, because if you need some fresh seafood or shrimp, you will find Clyde Phillip’s Sea Food located between the bridges.  While Clyde’s storefront doesn’t look like much, the seafood is as fresh as it gets, and the building has survived many storms so there is no danger of it falling down in spite of what my wife says.  They will clean your fish while you wait and even take the heads of your shrimp for you.  The folks who man the counter aren’t much on conversation, but they all fillet a flounder as well as anyone that I have ever seen.  You can’t visit the area without making some fresh shrimp on your own.  It is very simple, just follow these instructions.

If you haven’t found a place to eat yet, you can just walk down to the other end of the parking lot by Clyde’s and go to lunch or dinner at Santorini’s. We enjoy their Greek meals. Make sure you have a camera with you on your walk to Santorini’s since we have some especially quiet pelicans that like to hang around Clyde’s in case some fish are being cleaned.  They will often pose on the pilings at no charge.  The shrimp boats at Clyde’s are probably the most photographed boats in the area.  The parking lot between Santorini’s and Clyde’s is also a great place to catch a sunset especially in January or February.

After leaving Santorini’s and continuing on Highway 24,  you will enter Cedar Point as you drive off the second bridge over the White Oak River.  Just as you get off the bridge, to your right is Dudley’s Marina.  Sometimes I fuel my boat since they have ethanol free fuel.  It is relatively easy to dock a boat there and get it fueled.  You can get almost anything that you need for a boat or fishing including fishing licenses at Dudley’s except parts for Yamaha motors.  You will have to go Emerald Marine in Bogue for genuine Yamaha parts or Boats Inc. or any of a number of other boat dealers like Boats Inc. in Morehead City

After driving past Dudley’s, you will see The Waterway Inn on your right, they have some of the cleanest motel rooms around, and the motel is on the water and has some facilities for boats.  The rooms are small, but fishermen do not spent a lot of time in their rooms anyway.  All they need is a bed, bathroom, and a small table to eat a snack.

Right beside Waterway Inn is Barrier Island Kayaks where you can rent a kayak and explore Bogue Sound or the White Oak River.

Farther down Highway 24 on the same Intracoastal Waterway side of Highway 24, you will find Captain Charley’s Shrimp Stand.  Their house is right on the water, the boat is docked behind the house, and the shrimp stand is between the boat and the road.  They often fish Pamlico Sound and have some great shrimp in season.

Next comes the Wildlife Resources Public Boat Ramp.  In the summer and on weekends it is an especially busy spot.  Another restaurant of note while driving through Cedar Point is the Bogue House which does fried fish, oysters, barbecue, and fried chicken among other things.  It sort of like fast food fried fish, but they do serve some nice vegetables including collards in season.  They close by 8 PM in the evening so keep that in mind.

If you make if here after the middle of May, you will likely want some fresh produce.  There is  produce stand on the left as you make your way through Cedar Point but our personal favorite is Winberry’s Produce Stand.  We enjoy everything from their strawberries to corn, watermelons, and sweet potatoes.  Just tell Sara that I sent you.

Right beside Winberry’s is Redfearn’s Nursery.  Mr. Redfearn is a palm tree expert and appears to know more about centipede grass than anyone in the area.  It is a great place to buy plants, materials, sprays, and get advice.

Also in Cedar Point, you will find the Best Western Silver Creek which is currently the largest motel in the area.  It is a very nice, modern facility with a swimming pool.  It is also very clean.  Just beside the motel, you will find the local Dunkin Donuts.

Other businesses that we enjoying the Cedar Point area are Harrika’s Brew Haus, Christina’s Collectables, and Coastal Outlet which is labyrinthine shop full of all sorts of things from fishing tackle to towels.  If you need a tire fixed Cedar Point Tire is a good place to have it done. There are also two furniture stores in the area, Sound Furniture in Cedar Point and Mills and Thomas near the Wendy’s in Swansboro.

There are plenty of other small businesses in Cedar Point.  You can find an office supply store, the UPS Store, a Bicycle Shop, Walston’s Hardware and some antique shops. Recently it was announced that Cedar Point will be getting a Bojangles.

If you cannot find what you need in Cedar Point, back on the Jacksonville side of Swansboro, there is the Post Office, a Taco Bell, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Party Store, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and our favorite burger place, Highway 55 Burgers and Shakes.  It is locally owned in 2016 got some new furniture and paint. The team in there is very professional and friendly.  It is a great spot for an inexpensive and delicious home style burger with great crinkle cut fries. They also do a very nice shrimp po’ boy and have tasty custard for dessert.  However, the best deal in ice cream is at the Ace Hardware in Swansboro.  Two scoops will only set you back $1.75.  Swansboro also has both Advance Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts. Someday when the arguing is over, Swansboro will have a Walmart.

Back in Cedar Point and continuing on trip along Highway 24 east, you can tell that you are exiting Cedar Point when you see a BB&T Bank on your left. It is the last business in Cedar Point, and once you cross Highway 58 and stay straight on Highway 24, you will be driving through Cape Carteret.  Cape Carteret has two golf cart dealerships but no car dealerships.

While Cape Carteret doesn’t have as many services as Cedar Point, it does have a strip mall located on the left just after the intersection with Highway 58. If you turn left at the first stop light after crossing Highway 58, you will be entering by Walgreen’s.  If you continue straight on that road you will end up at MacDaddy’s Arcade, Sports Bar, and Bowling Alley.  It is a brand new facility and great place for kids on a rainy day.

If you take a right just beyond the Walgreen’s, you will find a Coffee Shop, the ABC Superstore, Quizno’s, Golden China Chinese Food, Lowe’s Grocery Store, Great Clips, Sherwin-Williams Paint Store,  a couple of banks, and Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.

Also in the same area is the local Hardee’s and Ribeye’s Steak House which has one of the nicest salad bars around.

Across the street from the strip mall, there is a Subway, the Cape Carteret Police, a gas station and you will see the construction site for our new MacDonalds.

If you continue east on Highway 24, you will find a Baptist Church on your right, then the Presbyterian Church we attend, Cape Carteret Presbyterian.

Continuing on Highway 24 east will take you by the White Oak Elementary School.  Make certain that you obey the speed limit there. The Highway Patrol has little tolerance for speeding in school zones.  Not far after the school, you will come to a stop light.  If you turn left there you will be on Taylor Notion Road which takes you back to Highway 58.

Following Taylor Notion you will go by the area’s fitness center and the library, both of which will be on your left.  You can see most of this by checking my map of the area.  The fitness center has an indoor pool, lots of good equipment, and does day passes.  There’s also a barber shop in the same area as the fitness center.

After the library, you might notice signs for Star Hill Golf Course which will be on your right.  It is a public course and one of two in the immediate area.  The other is Silver Creek which is a up Highway 58 about three miles from the stoplight at Highway 24.  They also have a par three course.

Taylor Notion runs into Highway 58, you can take either a left or a right turn.   If you go to your right, you are heading towards Pelletier which has very few services other than a gas station. You will find the Parkerton Inn, which is a pet friendly motor inn.  There is also a car wash in the area which we often use and one of the automated ice machines which is great when you are filling your boat coolers.  However I prefer the ice machine in Cedar Point next to the Auto Zone.

My wife enjoys going to the new Antiques and More shop that is close to Susie’s Farm House.  If you turn around there and head back to Cape Carteret, you will pass the Angie’s Lighthouse Restaurant on your right just after the intersection with Taylor Notion Road.  Angie’s is very popular for breakfast and dinner.

The last road on your right going south on 58 after Fairway but before you get to the stop light in Cape Carteret is VFW Road.  If you turn right there and follow a left a little ways down the road, it takes you to the Croatan Trails at Cedar Point.  It is a great place for a hike especially in spring and fall.  It is a fantastic place to take energetic dogs and children for a walk that will slow them down a little.

Just before arriving back at the Intersection with Highways 24 you will notice MacDaddy’s Arcade and Driving Range on your left.  Once you get to the stoplight, if you go straight on Route 58 it will take you to Emerald Isle.  The local tourist information office is on your right just after the stoplight.

If you take a right at the light you are back in Cedar Point and headed towards Swansboro.  If you take a left at the light you are in Cape Carteret.

If you are heading to Emerald Isle, you might find my Emerald Isle Travel Guide helpful. There are lots of things in Emerald Isle, and most are year round except the water slides and one of the Pizza places.  There is a movie theater in Emerald Isle, a fishing pier, and of course plenty of wonderful beaches and sand.

The Cape Carteret-Cedar Point-Emerald Isle-Swansboro area is a great place to visit or live.  There are some wonderful neighborhoods around with a wide selection of homes.  Old Cape Carteret is popular with many folks and has a wide range of homes.  Starhill and Starhill North have everything from older homes on the golf course to brand new construction.  If you want to live close to the river, there is Marsh Harbor which is in Cedar Point.  It you want to live on the river and have a boat ramp, there is Bluewater Cove, Silver Creek Plantation, River Oaks Plantation, White Oak Bluffs, and River Reach over in Swansboro.  If you are looking for new inexpensive homes, Coldwater Creek is a good place to look on Highway 58 near T&W’s Oyster House.   It you don’t need brand new, you can find similar homes to the ones in Coldwater Creek in White Horse Ridge which is in the same area.

There is lots more to like about this area.  Access to the water is hard to beat.  The weather is great almost all year.  What services we don’t have very close by are easily found in Morehead City where there’s a Walmart, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Belk’s, Harris Teeter, Sears, Panera, Starbucks, and just about everything you could want except a Barnes & Noble and a Target. For those you have to go to Jacksonville or New Bern.

Morehead City also has a hospital, Carteret General Hospital.  It takes around 30 minutes to get there without speeding from Bluewater Cove, and probably under 25 minutes from Cape Carteret.  There are dentists in Cedar Point and Swansboro.  You will also find veterinarians in Cedar Point, Swansboro and Morehead City.  There are Ace Hardware Stores on Emerald Isle and in Swansboro.  There are also auto part stores in Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, and Swansboro.

If anyone has a question before visiting, just use the contact form to send me an email.

This guide is a work in progress so there will be additions and changes.

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