The big change

David's Breakfast of an egg and lots of vegetables

David's Breakfasat

While moving to an area where it is easier to stay active can certainly make a difference, the real progress comes when you change how you eat.  It took us a while to get there with our eating life-style change, but we are well on the road now.

My wife and I have done a lot of diets over the years.  There is no problem losing weight on a diet.  The challenge is staying on the diet.  We made the decision to fundamentally change the what we eat and how much we eat.  If we change what we do, there is no falling off the wagon.

In this post, I will just mention a few things that have been effective for us.

First off, we no longer eat processed food if we can help it. That includes most canned soups.   Our diet has more vegetables, grains and fruits, and we try hard to eat much less meat.  We typically weigh any meat that we plan on eating.

Planning, purchasing and creating our meals takes up much more time than it did in the past.

We try to be careful about sodium and sugar.

My breakfasts sometimes look like a vegetable cornucopia, but they also tend to be under five hundred calories and very filling.  While my breakfast might look unusual, it has worked for me.  My wife eats a totally different breakfast than me, but she has also been successful at losing weight

We also rarely eat out.  We have found it hard enough to loose weight while eating at home.  Losing weight while eating out is nearly impossible.

We also use more plant based fats like olive oil. Peanut butter, apples, and yogurt with cereal have become our snacks.

Together we have lost around 100 pounds, and we both think that we eat like kings.

We will talk about some recipes, cookbooks, and techniques to help in the next post.