Books & Our Emerald Isle Travel Guide

Five years ago we wrote our first version of A Week at the Beach – The Emerald Isle Travel Guide.  When our 2017 version is published in July 2017, that will be our sixth revision of the content.  We publish in black and white paperback, color paperback, and also write a Kindle version.   Our guide is a labor of love and we certainly do not write it for the money.   I started writing the guide because I wanted to share my love and knowledge of this beautiful area with others. Our revisions are done carefully each year with the hope that we catch each new business that might help make for a more enjoyable visit to Emerald Isle and the Crystal Coast.  I have also written other books and the best way to check them out is to visit my author page on Amazon.  I could not do the books without the editing help and support of my wife, Glenda.  You can read more about all the online information that I have on the web by visiting my Crystal Coast Life home page.