A Day Trip to Nag’s Head


A valid question might be, “If you live less than ten minutes from miles of beach, why would you want to get in the car and drive three hours to just look at another beach?”

Well even paradise gets hard to appreciate unless you venture out to the rest of the world once in a while.

With that in mind and the added incentive that a friend we hadn’t seen since the early eighties was vacationing in Corolla, we decided to make a day trip to Nags Head and meet our friend for lunch at Sam and Omie’s Restaurant.

Sam and Omie’s has a litte extra significance in our household since a couple of my favorite but aging tee-shirts were bought there on vacations we took in the area during the late nineties.  My favorite old tee-shirt from there says on the back, “Everyone has to believe in something, I believe I will go fishing.”

While I actually would rather have eaten at the Lone Cedar and enjoyed some of their famous crab cakes, unfortunately they were only open for dinner so I had to settle for Sam and Omie’s along with a couple of softshell crabs.

Actually this was our first trip to Nag Head from our residence on the Southern Outer Banks.  I have always had a bad case of wanderlust so figuring out a new route to a place is something that I enjoy.

After some trial and error, we managed to figure out the best way to get to Nags Head from our spot on the White Oak River in Bluewater Cove.  We found a nice way that takes us around New Bern and up through the countryside of Beaufort County.

Most people using our route to Nags Head should be able to make it in around three hours depending on how much you want to tempt fate on traveling on some roads where the highway patrol spends a fair amount of time catching speeders.

After lunch at Sam and Omie’s, we took the opportunity to visit the new $25M Jeanette’s Pier which is just across the street.  It is a state of the art pier, and I hope the one that gets built in Emerald Isle matches it.

We have spent many summer vacations in the Nags Head area, and I was happy to see that it has not turned into another Myrtle Beach.  I like the feeling of Nags Head the way it is.

I am happy for the golfers and shoppers who love Myrtle Beach, but I never want Nags Head to become wall to wall highrises.

Having a pier where parking is free and the view is spectacular is much more in character with North Carolina beaches.  While it costs money to fish on Jeanette’s Pier, you can walk out on it for nothing though they do encourage a $2 per person donation.

The view was well worth the $2.  Later as we drove up the beach and over to the bypass where they fly kites from the dunes, we were happy to see that some things, like the Brew Thru, never change in Nags Head.

On our way back we ventured off our route and visited the waterfront in Washington, NC.  With a good chunk of driving,  some exploring, and a couple of hours visiting with our friend, I was happy that we managed to slide into Moore’s Barbecue in New Bern at around 7:30 PM just before their 8:00 PM closing.

Moore’s is the best barbecue that I have found in our area of eastern North Carolina, and as usual we enjoyed our meal even as they were closing the restaurant around us.

All in all the trip to Nags Head was a nice diversion, and we even got to see some of the now famous smoke from the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge fire.  I also got a new tee-shirt with the same motto on the back.  I guess they been selling those shirts for over 20 years. While I would rather be out on the water, this was a nice trip.

Visiting Nags Head confirmed our decision to live in Carteret County, but it also reminded me that there are other beautiful places along North Carolina’s coast.  I posted a few more shots of the trip in this album on Picasa Web Albums.