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David Sobotta

David Sobotta

When I am not doing my day job at WideOpen Networks, I am a writer and photographer  who enjoying boating, fishing, hiking and kayaking along the NC Coast.

I was born and lived my early years in North Carolina’s Piedmont.  You can read about those years in my Feathered Flounder article, A Piedmont Awakening.  I arrived on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast in 2006 after a number of interesting stops.

The first and my influential period of my life was eleven years of raising purebred cattle. The extraordinary effort of running a large farm far on the edge of civilization is a great foundation for almost any job.  Our farm was in Canada north of Fredericton, New Brunswick on the banks of the Tay River in what some would call wilderness. It was a wonderful welcoming community and the ten years we spent there were some of the happiest of our lives.  We return to visit in October 2012 and in March of 2013, my wife, Glenda, and I published a book, A Taste for the Wild, Canada’s Maritimes, about how we ended up in Canada and how the rural Canada we knew has changed.

My second career came after the years on the farm and started on the retail floor of an early computer store. It eventually took me to the shining halls of Cupertino but certainly the skills learned at Apple during my almost twenty years there are what got me on the web and propelled me into writing.  My book about my career of nearly twenty years at Apple is The Pomme Company. We published it even after some not so subtle threats from Apple.  It is one of the only books that I know of by an executive at Apple (I was a director of sales) and tells the not so pretty story about life in sales inside the Apple mother-ship.

Those first 30 years of my professional life on the farm and as a Silicon Valley computer soldier might seem unusual for someone who studied history and got his degree from Harvard.

Yet in the years of those two seemingly unrelated careers, during my time at college and in those brief years at the McCallie School, the high school I attended, my foundation beliefs were forged and put to the test.

Life on the farm taught me that who you are is far more important than what you do. How much money you make is not the measure in life which matters. How you treat others is far more important than money

Corporate life reinforced the belief I gained through my education that standing up for what is right is fundamental to my character.

You will find more of articles that I have written by visiting this page.

I feel fortunate to live in the mid such extraordinary natural beauty of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, and  I am happy to have made the decision that how I treat people is more important to me than how much money I make.

By doing the right thing for the right reasons, enough money to get by seems to make it to our bank count.

This site provides many links to my web world which covers everything from fishing, restaurants, photography, and cooking to technology.  In September 2017 we published our sixth edition of our travel guide for Emerald Isle.  The book,  A Week at the Beach-The Emerald Isle Travel Guide, now in its updated 2017-18 edition is a good look into my world here on the North Carolina coast which I love so much.

If you are really interested in living on the coast, you can browse an index of articles that I written about my life on the coast.

I am also the author of the Crystal Coast Life Blog which provides additional information about life on the Carolina coast.

Over the years I have written a number of technology articles and this a link to my articles on ReadWrite Web. There are others on my homepage.

-David Sobotta