Crystal clear waters at Hammocks Beach

Crystal clear waters at Hammocks Beach

The second week in July is upon us. Summer has rewarded us with a full dose of heat and just in case it was not humid enough already, mother nature dropped about 2.5 inches of rain on us in the last few days.

While some of the crops including our yard needed the rain, no one put in a request for temperatures in the mid-nineties. This is the coast of North Carolina in the middle of summer so heat is no stranger to us. Some summers it finds us even earlier like it did in June 2015.

During the Fourth of July weekend, we had plenty of heat, but we still have a slight advantage since this is not August and the heat has yet to penetrate our bones. The area waters are barely above 80F so they still have a little coolness to the touch and there is no doubt that 80F feels cools when compared to 93F. Because of that the water still offers relief from the heat. In August when the waters of the river reach 90F, kayaking can be a little like being a frog in a warming pot of water on a stove.

In early July you can still pick your relief. A trip to the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon will let you enjoy some of the precious coolness that finds us at the beginning and again at close of the day. You can get the same relief by going out in a boat or kayak. I did that July 3. It was extremely pleasant on the river when I anchored there this holiday Saturday morning. That first few feet of air above the river draws either coolness or heat from the waters. In the spring the coolness can be enough to chill you, this time of year it is just enough to cool you. In August it will cook you and in November it will warm you. Water temperature is more important than air temperature along the Crystal Coast.

No one moves to the North Carolina coast for a cool summer. Mostly we enjoy our warmth but that does not mean I will go outside and start working in the yard at noon on a hot day. You do have to respect the heat and learn to live with it. It is much easier today than it was years ago when there was no air conditioning. In the fifties and sixties shade trees were worth their weight in gold. No one wanted to sit in a hot house on a Sunday afternoon. You gathered under the shade trees for lemonade, homemade ice cream, and watermelon. It was the way of the South.

However, we do move to the coast for the water and we are lucky that this batch of heat has come while the water can still take a little of the edge off of it. As long as you can find a spot to stay cool during the middle of the day, early morning and late evening still can be comfortable here on the Crystal Coast.  A month from now, it will not be so easy, but by then fall will be close enough to offer hope.

Until then I will count the days until things cool off this weekend. If you find it to hot to check out the beaches, have a look at some beach and water pictures that I took recently.

If  you are planning a summer vacation, now is the time.  If you are coming to the Crystal Coast, do not forget our five-star-rated travel guide. Even if you have been here a number of times, I might have some secrets to share about the area beaches. There are a lot of changes in the restaurant scene and not everything new has great food.

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Our last news letter went out July 3 and the article, Beach is Summer’s Heart, can be read here.  We hope to have our next newsletter out in early August.

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