Warm winds & oyster rock on the White Oak River

Warm winds & oyster rock on the White Oak River

The weather has been as hot as it ever gets here on the Southern Outer Banks. I am thankful the warm weather has come with warm breezes.

Some might say that summer has embraced us with a vengeance. I would probably say that mother nature has given us several real Southern days and we should enjoy them as best as we can because summer will be gone far too soon.

It is not unusual for it to get hot here along Carteret County’s Crystal Coast. It is a Southern coastal plain and cool summer weather is pretty rare. Thunderstorms are much more common and often even welcome. This much warm weather coming this early in June just adds more mystery to the riddle of coastal weather. There is little sense in trying to understand our weather since it is going to change before we figure it out anyway.

Complaining about the heat after a cold winter just seems wrong. I moved to the coast for warmth not cool summers. I am just pleased that we have received more than enough moisture to keep our yards and gardens from cooking. It has been great weather for growing tomatoes and beans. The hot weather and great vegetables have helped us prepare some classic Southern meals for our table. The local corn, our homegrown beans and tomatoes have let us feast like true Southerners.

One of the things which happens when it gets very warm is that most of our outdoor time is either very early or very late in the day. Those are my favorite times of day anyway.  The light is at its best for landscape photography. The middle of the day is often too humid to survive unless you are in some cool water which get hard to find as summer rolls along.

Being outside at night when a warm wind is blowing brings back lots of wonderful summer memories. My mother used to pack as many of her nieces as possible into her old Ford and head to the beach for a couple of weeks each summer. I course was packed in there with her teenage nieces who were around ten years older than me. We never stayed in any place fancy but the evenings along the boardwalk were especially magical in those days before television.

There always seemed to be a warm breeze with music floating on it. While it is rare that I hear music in the evening in our quiet subdivision nestled between corn fields, pine forests, the river, and a golf course, I do often feel the warm breeze and smell the ocean.  A recent night when it was still 80F at 9PM with a 15-20 MPH breeze found us at the neighborhood pool.  The only light came from the stars, moon and the underwater lights in the pool. It was one of those magical nights that grandparents get to have along the Crystal Coast.  Our almost seven year old granddaughter swam like a dolphin while her younger brother dipped his toes into pool water for the first time.

The warmth coming off the water is welcome most of the year. I might get tired of it by August, but in June I can still remember the cold of winter and appreciate the warmth of summer.

The breezes are even nicer when you get to enjoy them from a boat out on the White Oak River. Being on the river on a warm summer night and tasting the salt air on the breeze is almost as good as walking under the moonlight on a beach with the salt water touching your toes.

All that is more is possible here on the Crystal Coast where we never make our shrimp and grits with anything but local shrimp and a warm coastal breeze is possible almost anytime of the day or night.  While warm breezes that make you feel like you are at the beach are common, late evening thunderstorms are even more common. We have seen some amazing storms recently and our June rain total is up to 7.4 inches with a week still to go.

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