Beach near the Point, Emerald Isle, NC- March 2015

Beach near the Point, Emerald Isle, NC- March 2015

Spring is always an interesting season on the coast. I feel lucky if I only go through two sets of clothing during a spring day. You can wake up to temperatures under 40F only to find yourself quickly looking for shorts and a t-shirt before lunch.

Sometimes instead of getting cool at night, it get warmer. Then there are the persistent spring winds. Often you can be quite comfortable out of the wind only to find yourself needing another layer or two of clothing when you step into the wind.

The most challenging aspect of spring for me is the sun. When it hides behind clouds, you can get cool pretty quick. However, when the sun is out, the wind dies down, and you are in just the right place, things can warm up quickly. I have gone on some beach walks only to regret that I wore too many clothes.

On a recent afternoon walk around the marsh I started out with a long-sleeved t-shirt and shorts. There was a cool breeze hitting me as I walked out our driveway. The breeze was still strong as I walked around the docks near our home. As I got even with the inlet that runs out to the White Oak River, the wind dropped and the sun had me directly in its sights.

The temperature seem to climb quickly and I started wishing for a short-sleeved t-shirt. I solved the problem by getting on the move again. I quickly transitioned to the shade of some large pines and as I rounded the next corner, I was once again facing a cool breeze.

I recently wrote about the roller coaster of early spring weather. Sometimes March can also be unpredictable. March of 2015 has been pretty nice to us. The only night we have dropped below freezing so far was March 6. It is no surprise to me that the forecast is for us to again go below freezing on Sunday, March 29.

We had a frost all the way down to the water on March 29, 2011. It is not unusual to get a frost that late in the year, but we also have had tomatoes blooming at that date. We stay prepared and have some nice Easter egg buckets in pastel colors all prepared to cover our plants.

Probably the most challenging part of our 2015 spring is having nice days but very cool nights. Cool nights make it hard for the water to warm up and most of us live here because of the water.

This time of year the beach can be irresistible and the waters very enticing. However, there are not many years when the waters are begging to be waded even by the end of March.

Seeing the blue skies and blue waters will help us get over winter, but only true warm will pull us out of spring into water season. I might enjoy walking to the ends of the sand on the beach but what I really love is answering the call of the river in my kayak or my skiff.

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