The Beach At The Point

The Beach At The Point

While I did not move to coastal North Carolina to escape the cold weather that has defined much of life, I appreciate every day of warmth that we get to enjoy here in western Carteret County and that includes the heat of summer.

I figured out before we moved here that the beaches of Bogue Banks are a little unique in that they are south facing. I have always hoped that little twist of nature gave us something of an upper hand on winter but I have no real proof.

What I do know is that we are in our ninth winter here on the North Carolina coast, I have yet to shovel any snow. While we have seen some snow and even twenty-four hours of ice, all the frozen stuff has been very transient.

All but one time, the frozen stuff melted before noon of the day it arrived. The one other time it melted by noon of the next day. Given that I have lived through weeks when the temperature did not get above freezing, I can handle twenty-four to thirty-six hours of cold weather.

That is especially true when we get a few breaks from winter like we have enjoyed in January 2015. The last time we were below freezing was Sunday, January 11 at 8 AM. It will be January 21, by the time I publish this post and the only freezing temperatures in sight are around the end of the month.

While some are calling this a cold winter and perhaps it is compared to some when we hardly got below freezing, so far in January 2015, we have endured a total of 42 hours below freezing. That puts us at 9% of our time below freezing. It looks like we might make it through at least part of January 28, before dipping back below freezing. That could put us at 93.5% above freezing through the first four weeks of January.

Aside from interesting numbers, the gift of warmth makes winter noticeably shorter. Instead of being held prisoner by cold, snow, and ice, we get to do much of what we do during the rest of the year. That includes hiking, boating and walking the beaches.

We are headed into our fourth straight day of above sixty degree temperatures. On Monday, January 19, I did a two mile walk along the beaches of the Point on Emerald Isle. The Point is a spot you try not to visit on a cold winter day. It is a huge expanse of sand and because of the distances to the parking lot, you are at the mercy of the elements if the weather changes.

Fortunately January 2015 has been kind to us and the elements  were very nice when I took my latest walk on the Point. It was also pretty nice when I took a ride down the river just a few days ago.

Still I never mind some brisk weather. It just makes me appreciate the really great weather when it gets here.

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