Beach at Third Street on Emerald Isle

Beach at Third Street on Emerald Isle

Summer is ever so gradually sliding away from the North Carolina beach. It is not that the weather has changed that much. Actually we have had some of the hottest weather of the season in late August and early September 2014. Summer’s grip on us has been impressive.

What has changed is that most of the tourists are gone. While an evening like the one when I snapped the sunset on the beach picture is all the reason I need to go to the beach, there are more practical reasons to return to the beach after Labor Day.

First as all residents will tell you, when the children go back to school, most of our visitors go home. There are still folks around with younger than school-age children, but Labor Day marks to the back-to-work season and most people head home while we start getting serious about enjoying the beaches once again.

With our visitors gone, traffic over the bridge becomes a non-issue even during Saturday and Sunday check-in hours that sometimes bedevil us during the summer. The change is dramatic. No longer is the Food Lion parking lot a game of musical parking spaces. Coastal residents who have learned to do their grocery shopping from Mondays through Thursdays now have the option of going to the grocery store for more than a handful of items on the weekend.

We also get to visit restaurants that we have carefully avoided for most of July and August. Usually the owners, waitresses and waiters are happy to see us since local traffic is what will keep them in business until next summer.

More important to me is that I can now count on getting a parking place on weekdays when I want to do my frequent fall beach hikes. The last time I tried to go for a hike on the Point, I found the Station Street parking lot filled and others already circling for the next parking spot.

Almost everyone who lives here on the coast enjoys seeing the visitors come in the summer. Life is pretty quiet on the beaches during the winter. We also enjoy seeing our visitors leave. A few months a year is enough to share our coastal paradise. We become accustomed to a quiet existence for over nine months out of the year. That makes it natural to look forward to getting back to the normal peace and quiet of our natural paradise. No one complains as the area becomes so quiet that a great blue heron squawking at night is almost a disturbance.

The beach does not become a ghost town in the fall. There are plenty of people who realize that fall is often the best time to enjoy the beach. As I am writing this at the end of the first week of September 2014, we have just finished our warmest weather of the season. Our summer waters are still with us and the surf temperatures have remained in the mid-eighties. It looks like during the next ten days our air temperatures will be in the mid-eighties during the day and in the low seventies early in the morning. Those are perfect temperatures for playing around on the water. Many of the area swimming pools were a bit warm last week, they should be nearly perfect for the next week.  That will make the pool or beach day decision very difficult.

In addition to air temperature becoming cooler, there is no doubt that our water temperatures will start to cool off and most years that means that the fishing starts to heat up. We do get a fair number of fishermen here along the Crystal Coast, but they rarely spend much time in grocery stores and most of them do not show up until the end of September. Even when the fishermen are here, their numbers are nothing like the number of visitors that we get in the summer. There is plenty of room for fisherman and lots of time left for everyone to enjoy some summer boating.

So if you hear folks talking about returning to the beach in September, you are likely listening to people who understand the area well. Many of us who live just off the beach on the mainland are careful of our summer beach trips. We make them mostly late in the afternoon when the beaches start to empty.

Now that the season is past its peak, it is easy once again to enjoy the beaches whenever the mood strikes. With the cooler air, we do not have to worry about being a prisoner of the summer heat or summer traffic.  We can forget about that short period of the year when it gets a little busy around here during the Fourth of July week at the beach.

It is pretty easy to escape the crowds with a little walking anytime here along the beaches of Emerald Isle, but now instead of fleeing a busy stretch of beach for some isolation, it is comforting to see a see a few people on our remote beaches which can be a little deserted until the fall fishermen show up.  Having people even widely spread along the beaches keeps the spirit of summer alive.

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