Swansboro, NC Harbor, July 29

Swansboro, NC Harbor, July 29

It really does not take much to get most locals here on the water and it takes a lot of wind to keep them off the water. Most us living along the sounds and big rivers like the White Oak try to have a little flexibility in our schedules to cover days when the water is calling.

Many people live here because you are minutes from great beaches and you can also easily enjoy some time in a boat. With just a little effort, your boat can also take you to a beach.

That will be a subject perhaps for my next post, but today I want to talk about the spontaneous boating that takes place here along the Crystal Coast.

If you have driven through Carteret County or looked at a map of the area, you understand that no place in the country is very far from water. We live just up the White Oak River about three miles from Swansboro.  My skiff and kayak are both as close to the water as they can get.

I can be in Swansboro by boat in just a little more than ten minutes. There are many days that I would prefer to get in my boat than in my car. I keep wishing for a grocery store and hardware store on the water, but I will settle for just riding down the river.

On a gorgeous day like July 29, 2014, a quick boat ride down the river and through the marshes over by Huggins Island is pretty hard to beat. It is a great way to break up your day and remind yourself of why you live in such a beautiful place.  You can see the homeward bound portion of my July 29 trip on this map.  The White Oak has a few zigs and zags but it is a great place for a boat ride.

I will often sneak off before breakfast and go fishing or boating in the marshes, but on a warm day like today, fishing did not appeal to me. All I wanted to do was fly down the river and feel the breeze in my face. It was a great day to do just that. We had a bluer than normal July sky because of a Canadian front pushing into the area. When the light caught everything just right, the pictures were amazing and Swansboro Harbor looked like a postcard.

We are at the peak of our season, but there were still only a handful of boats out on the river and even on our water superhighway, the Intracoastal Waterway, there was little traffic. Certainly if the weather is nice, it will be a lot busier this weekend.

It is hard to explain how much fun a boat ride can be, but on the trip home as I got close to Jones Island and pulled around a boat going a few miles per hour slower than I wanted to, I knew the river was mine. There was not another boat on the river in the next few miles.

The water was smooth and I was going north into a north wind so getting the boat up on a beautiful plane was as easy as it gets. With no other wakes to deal with I could slide our skiff around the markers with very little of the hull was in the water.  It is a lot of fun sliding across the water in a controlled slide.

It was a beautiful trip from start to finish. This is an album of pictures that I took. The pictures will set the stage for this YouTube video taken heading down the river a few years ago.

Come visit, take a boat ride, walk the Point, or go kayaking. You will not regret it.  There is plenty of uncrowded beach here if sunning on the beach is all you want to do.  However, there is lots here besides beautiful beaches and the friendly people to go along with them.  You can read about all the special spots in our travel guide.

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