Looking From Raymond's Gut to White Oak River

Looking From Raymond’s Gut to White Oak River

Our weather is starting to show signs of returning to normal after ten days of cloudy, damp weather which is uncharacteristic of early fall on the Crystal Coast.

Until the remnants of tropical storm Karen wandered into our area, we had enjoyed a long stretch of spectacular weather culminating in a few days of Summer in October.

One of the great advantages to actually living on the coast is you can relatively easily take in stride a stretch of less than desirable weather .  When we have days that are rainy or too cool for boating or kayaking, I usually adjust my work schedule so I can take advantage of the best part of the day or any breaks in the weather. Instead of depending on early morning or late afternoon excursions, I let myself have some fun when the weather is at its best.

It works well for me.  I get a few extra things done in my job by sometimes working late in the evenings but I also give myself the freedom to take a boat ride if blue skies show up at 11:00 AM.  There are days when scheduled meetings just will not let that work, but it does not take much flexibility to work in a little water time here on the Southern Outer Banks.  Access to water is in the backyard or on the doorsteps of many who of us who live here along the coast.  That makes enjoying the area’s treasured waters very easy even during times that would surprise many people.

One of the things that I enjoy about weather is that it has the power to pull you through the full range of human emotions.  You might be blue after ten days of clouds, but the next thing you know the weather will be so good that you will want to bottle it.

Great weather all the time gets a little boring and a few thunderstorms and some rain bring a little variety to our lives here on the coast.  The rain also helps us avoid spending money watering our lawns and vegetable gardens.  It is a reasonable trade off to me.

Still the desire for great fall weather is strong and memories of several recent falls on the beach are still fresh.  When we lived in the mountains around Roanoke, Virginia, fall was a spectacular season and we often chased the turning leaves.

Here on the beach fall is less dramatic and brings back different memories.  Ones like the magnificent day my friend Dean and I had fishing for bluefish around Bogue Inlet are hard to forget.  I still have the memory from October, 2010, of a bride standing in the surf on a warm evening late in October.

Fall also brings the annual Toys for Tots Marsh Cruise hosted by the folks at Hammocks Beach State Park.  Then there is the huge pumpkin patch over at the Swansboro Baptist Church.  Sometimes the best part of the fall is just that our waters get very quiet and easy to enjoy.

I am going to hope we return to those wonderful fall temperatures and skies that are regular visitors to the Crystal Coast.   Sometimes the weather in the fall is so good that I worry that if I am pinched that I will wake up and the great weather will be gone.  I hope that does not happen until I have gotten in several more beach walks and caught a few trout and another drum or two.  Of course if the weather is right, the fish are optional and just icing on the cake.