Marsh Waters Behind Bear Island

Marsh Waters Behind Bear Island

One of the great things about living in an area surrounded by water is that you can often manage to find some time in your busy schedule to actually take advantage of all that water. It is even better when you can do it on a beautiful day.

I have my fingers crossed that I might get to do just that on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.  It looks like there is the possibility of a couple of very nice hours that morning before the chance of rain ramps up to 40%.  Even if we just get two hours on the water,  I think the time away from land will help both my fishing partner and me relax a little.

I have actually had a pretty good fishing season so far with a nice flounder and a beautiful red drum to my credit in August so I am not all that desperate to catch a fish.  However, I would love to just get out on the water.  Just watching the marsh grass or the easy swells of the ocean will be a wonderful treat.

There is one nice thing about fishing that I really appreciate and it has not changed since I was six years old.  You can go fishing and feel no pressure to entertain someone with your conversation.  Small talk is permitted but not required.  My childhood friend, Mike, and I used to fish  a whole day and only exchange a handful of words.

Part of the therapy that being out on the water provides is the appreciation that you are not in control of everything.  You can do everything in your power and the fish might not bite.  The weather forecast can be great and it can still turn stormy by noon.  Fishing big water also makes it absolutely clear that we are just tiny dots on the sea.  That little bit of perspective often makes problems that look insurmountable a little easier to wrestle.

Even in the marshes which are pictured at the top of the post, you can feel pretty insignificant.  When it is clear that you can disappear without people noticing or perhaps even finding you, it is easier to understand that our lives are just a tiny part of  a very big puzzle and things can get mixed up in a flash. We cannot shoulder all the blame for things that go wrong or all the credit for the good things that happen.  The water and being close to nature helps us understand that.

The trip out on the water just makes it easier to accept that we are not really in control.

Still fishing teaches you to work hard and we have several spots where we enjoy fishing. Often the weather and/or the wind dictates where we will fish.  Depending on the wind direction, we might fish behind Huggins Island or Bear Island.  Personally I enjoy fishing just outside of Bogue Inlet.  When the swells out in the ocean are minimal and the water is that beautiful green that we often see in the summer, it is hard to beat the view.  There is a good picture of a wave  sporting my favorite color in this post about the Crystal Coast and its name.

As the tourists season is winding down, the traffic out by the inlet will diminish.  We will not have to worry all the extra swells generated by a parade of boats and seadoos going in and out of the inlet. Sometimes during the week, you can actually be one of few boats out by the inlet.

If we are lucky and all these sulfur butterflies mean anything, the fish will start biting and we might catch a few.  Of course we can have a very good day out on the water without catching any fish.  The time away from the distractions of civilization is always welcome.  Most trips my cell phone does not ring and I am sure that I have never checked my email while I was fishing.  I am happy to report the glare on my phone makes it impossible and I am not searching for a solution.

If the fish do not keep me busy, I will likely pick up my camera and try to snare some great images to share with folks who do not have the opportunity to let the water put their minds at ease.  The photos help me also.  Sometimes in January I find myself looking for one of those nice pictures taken from the ocean looking back towards Bear Island.  Fixing one of those images in my mind makes getting through a chilly winter day a lot easier.

Wish us luck.