Clouds Over Raymond's Gut, Near Swansboro, NC

Clouds Over Raymond’s Gut, Near Swansboro, NC

It is unfortunate but it is sometimes cloudy at the beach.  Stunning blue skies are common here along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast but even we have a few off days.

If you live in the South, you learn to take advantage of cloudy days in the summer.  In the heat of the summer, a cloudy day is a great time to get some work done in your garden.

We have gotten plenty of rain as we head into the last couple of days of June, but those of us living in the South know that things can quickly get dry so you will rarely hear me complain about rain.

Clouds are actually easier to deal with than rain or wind.  I love a nice coastal breeze but yesterday the gusts were in the 20+ MPH range which is high enough to get old quickly.

Still it is summer and I am working as hard as I can to enjoy it.  We have been fortunate to have family visitors for the last couple of weeks.

While it means that I am usually in the water more than usual,  I generally have to give up my long beach walks while we have company.  People think it is weird if I go walking on the beach for two or three hours.  Still I love it and will be back doing it as soon as our company is gone.

The clouds might make taking great pictures a little more difficult, but the high winds are making paddling a kayak or taking our skiff down the river a real challenge.  I am stubborn enough that I will go kayaking even if I know well the battle that I will face getting out to the river.

Last week the wind was blowing so hard against me while paddling out to the river that some of my muscles were sore that night.  The next day I took the skiff down the river to test a fuse that we replaced.  There were whitecaps on the river and even trying to ride down the river on top of the white caps,  I ended up getting sprayed.  The good news is that the river water is in the mid-eighties so there was no danger of getting cold.

The clouds have brought us plenty of rain which means all our vegetables are doing well.  Just this week, we have nearly been over whelmed homegrown tomatoes.  One of our neighbors kindly shared their corn harvest with us and we’ve just now had to buy lettuce after we harvested the last of the spring lettuce from our patch.  We really enjoy our lettuce patch.

While the clouds have visited there have been some exceptional beach days.  That is one of the reason you have to come to the beach long enough to see the weather change a few times.  The great weather convinced me to tour a number of the North Carolina beaches in the last month, but none captured my fancy.  I am still very happy with our area.  It is hard to beat convenience and spectacular scenery.  Still I enjoy looking at other beaches.

The beaches of Ocracoke Island definitely had a hold on me during my college years, but I have a different beach mistress these days.

If you have never visited our area, come see why the Crystal Coast deserves its name.  I suspect you will see plenty of sun even if there are some clouds around to tease us.

We do try to schedule our rain at night but sometimes some showers slip through.  If you would like to learn more about the area, drop by the Crystal Coast Google+ community that I am building.  It is not complete, but you will find lots of information which might get you to thinking about a visit to the Crystal Coast and its beautiful beaches.