Raymond's Gut Just Off The White Oak River

Raymond’s Gut Just Off The White Oak River

The first warm and steamy weather has arrived here on North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks.  We no longer have just a hint of warmth, we now have some early summer weather which is great for walking the beaches or one of my favorite activities, kayaking.

Fortunately our waters near the coast are still relatively cool and have not yet climbed out of the low seventies.  That means the quickest way to getting cool is to slide your kayak in the water and find a breeze. We are lucky that some of the stronger early winds have died down.

Given that our county is over half water, and that we almost always have a sea breeze, finding a breeze on the water is not much of a challenge.  While I enjoy our skiff which has an outboard motor,  there are times of the year when the kayak just seems right.

December when the water is still warm is one of them.  However, late spring is a near perfect time. When you need a little cooling from the early summer heat, the area’s waters are happy to oblige and sitting on the water in a kayak is great way to enjoy the cooling effect of the water without getting wet.

Later in the year when the river gets warm, we often take the skiff over to Bogue Inlet where Bogue Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean.  The water stays cooler there longer in the summer.  However, at the end of May, the water temperature in the White Oak River where we live is just about perfect for taking the edge off early summer heat.

Our little inlet on the river is called Raymond’s Gut.  It takes about ten minutes to paddle from our house to the middle of the White Oak.  So far each time that I have been out in the last few days, there has been plenty of breeze on the river so staying cool has not been a problem.

Earlier this week the high temperature was barely in the seventies.  When I paddled in from the river, the warmer temperature in our inlet and the lack of breeze actually felt nice.  I am guessing that with the temperature headed to the middle eighties that will change.  The inlet will feel too warm and the breeze on the river will be just what is needed to keep me cool.

Now if I could just find some fish that were biting.