Blue water and skies viewed from Raymond's Gut

Blue water and skies viewed from Raymond’s Gut

To be honest most weather here along the coast is unexpected, but I certainly do not blame our hardworking weather folks.  With so many of us living near bodies of water with different temperatures, I am surprised that our forecasts are as accurate as they are.

Still once in a while I have to call our coastal forecasters to account.  Going into the first weekend of May 2013, the forecasts were calling for practically a washout for the early part this past week.  Turns out we had very little rain.  After a couple of afternoons with brief cloudy spells, this second week of May has been perhaps the nicest week this spring.  We slept with our windows open last night, and as noon approaches I still have my office window open so I can enjoy the cool breeze while I finish my morning writing.

We finally got some real warmth as we managed to get up over 80F on Thursday, May 9.  That was actually a treat and I celebrated by going for a beach walk.  I am “working hard” to complete my annual Emerald Isle beach survey before Memorial Day.  That means I have to walk all the beaches in the town limits from Bird Island just North of the Point to the “Welcome to Emerald Isle” sign down the beach near Salter Path.

It is really not too difficult a challenge mostly because I walk all the time and I love to walk on the beach. The biggest obstacle is that I frequently stop and take pictures.  Usually I have to walk all the beach twice because my wife generally is not very interested in coordinating her trips so that I can drop off a vehicle and get myself dropped at another part of the beach.   I am used to walking down the beach and returning to where I started.  However, she seems to be weakening a little this year on her stance.  She has at least agreed to one or two drop offs.  That might let me meet my goal of finishing by Memorial Day.

Of course to do that I have to stay focused and out of the kayak and our skiff.  This unexpected batch of really nice weather makes it very hard to choose what to do.  If I start catching some fish which given my recent luck is highly unlikely, things might get even more complicated.

This week’s boat rides, kayaking and beach walks have all been spectacular.  Swansboro’s Harbour was picture perfect when I idled through on May 7.  The picture at the top of the post was taken on May 8 when I went kayaking.  There certainly was nothing wrong with the beach as you can see from this picture of the Bogue Inlet Pier taken on my May 9 hike from the Western Regional Beach Access to the pier.

Friday May 10, looks to be so nice that I suspect that I will find it hard to stay off the beach.  Saturday is supposed to also be nice, but unfortunately I will be sitting in a classroom taking my annual real estate training which lets me keep my license so I can keep a toe in the real estate world when I choose to do so.  Few people who have gotten their real estate license ever want to contemplate having to do all their initial training and exams again. That is exactly what you have to do if do not keep your training current and your license lapses.

Even with having to take a classroom day, it is nice to see spring finally on track, the winter wheat looks like it is in great shape.  Our vegetables are doing fine but I doubt that we will have any ripe tomatoes by the end of May this year, but that just means that they will taste even better when they are ripe.  This weather has been perfect for lettuce.  We have really enjoyed feasting on our homegrown lettuce for the last several weeks. It is so much better than what you get from the store that it is even hard to describe. Our lettuce would not have lasted as long if our spring had been a hot one.  The first time that I got my toes in the saltwater in 2013 was over six weeks later than in 2012 when I wrote Water that is begging to be waded.

As is always the case, we take whatever weather is served up and are happy to be here on the Crystal Coast to enjoy it.  I like to think nice weather in May is a tradition here along North Carolina’s coast no matter what the forecasters tell us to expect.