Nice morning in Bluewater Cove

Nice morning in Bluewater Cove

Finally we are back to some normal weather.  August 15, we got up to a 68F morning temperature.  The first thing that I did was go upstairs and throw some windows open to catch the early morning breeze.

When I headed out on my morning walk around the boardwalk here in Bluewater Cove, it was impossible not to notice the change in the air.  I don’t know how long it will last, but the muggy air of the last few weeks seems to have disappeared.

Temperatures in the sixties will do a lot for us.  First our late season tomato plants can finally set some fruit.  Next it will cool off the area waters, and bring back some of our favorite fish.  There is already evidence of that.  This morning there were schools of bait swimming around our docks.  They have been absent in the recent heat.

My morning walk was hard to beat with a full moon over the cove and a light breeze coming from the northwest.  The moon was even reflected in the water.  I could tell from looking through my telephoto lens that the breeze was much stronger out on the White Oak River.

I also got to see two kingfishers engaged in a dogfight (birdfight?) over the water.   By watching closely I figured out where one of them landed and managed to get a pretty good picture of him considering the long distance of the shot.

When I came back to the house, I even convinced myself that the tomato plants looked happier after their rain bath from yesterday and this morning’s cool temperatures.

All in all it was a great morning walk and a fine way to start the day.  Likely when I get back from my morning appointment, I will take the boat our for a spin if the winds don’t get worse.

First it is time to pick some more tomatoes and try to sneak them in the house while my wife isn’t looking.

As a side note, on August 14, I updated my PDF map of the area.  It has a list of recommended restaurants.  After a meal last week that I would like to forget, I dropped one well known local restaurant from my list.   The food was so poorly cooked that I was felt the need to cook my own flounder dinner on Saturday night August 13.  Jimmy over at Clyde’s suggested we take home the six pound monster that was on ice at the counter, but we settled for one that was just shy of two pounds.

You can download the PDF and try to figure out which restaurant I dropped at my Welcome to the Beach page.