Front Street Swansboro

Front Street Swansboro, Biggest Vehicle Wins

Some towns have lots of traffic signs.  Swansboro doesn’t, and visitors from out of town sometimes get a little confused.

Front Street in Swansboro is in theory a two-way street, but actually only has room for one vehicle at a time.  This of course requires that someone yield when two vehicles meet.

As far as I am concerned, the unwritten rule is that the biggest vehicle wins.   There are better odds of a small vehicle finding a place to pull over and let the bigger vehicle pass.  The good news is that people in general drive slowly and carefully on Front Street in Swansboro.  I cannot remember there being a collision on Front Street since I have been in the area.

Once in a while, someone who has never been on Front Street gets confused, but if a FedEx truck is bearing down on your shiny SUV, most people figure it out pretty quickly and find a spot to get out of the way.

While Front Street in nominally the main street in town, the real main drag is the harbor, and there is plenty of room there.  I actually go through the Swansboro Harbor more regularly than I go down Front Street, especially this time of year when I usually have the boat out four or five times at week.

Swansboro is great little town because it is real town, not just a tourist attraction.  People who live in the area enjoy walking the streets.  We spend more time on Front Street after the tourist season, but we aren’t afraid to venture into town at the peak of the season.  You can usually find parking, and the walk is almost always pleasant with a sea breeze.

We actually had breakfast at Yana’s on August 10, and the wait was very short.  The food was great, and we had a good time visiting some of the shops and going to the new Swansboro market that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.  I got some great coconut macaroons.  My daughter from Northern Virginia really enjoyed the Tidewater Gallery and the Salty Sheep Yarn Shop.

I am looking forward to the day when we have some more public docking facilities in Swansboro.  I think it will make coming to town even more fun.  I wish someone would put in a grocery store with a dock.  I would rather get my groceries by boat than fight with parking at either Lowe’s or Food Lion.