Third Street Beach

Third Street Beach

Wednesday, June 22, I felt bedeviled by the smoke and heat.  The smoke was really bad in the morning until a favorable breeze pushed it back a little, but even then there were no blue skies to be had along the shores of the White Oak River.

To compound my problems, a long hike the day before at the Point in Emerald Isle had brought little relief.

While there was no smell of smoke,  our normally blue skies were hidden from view by smoke streaming in from the southwest, and the sunset was obscured by clouds.

Carteret County is known for its clear skies, and I, like many of those living here, hang  my star on those blue skies.  While I am no longer a fan of cold weather, I can endure it as long as the sky is a pristine blue instead of a dull gray.   The summer heat is usually easier for me to survuve since normally it comes with puffy white clouds and a blue sky.

However, when the weather dishes up hot stagnant air filled with smoke and a sky that seems never to have been blue, it is hard for me to remain motivated and on an even keel.  The dull weather just sucks the life out of me.

With Wednesday’s weather delivering an almost monochrome sky and serious nasty heat, I knew that I had to escape, but the question was where?  It was then that I decided that if we headed east,  we might have a fighting chance of escaping much of the smoke.

When things get nasty sometime you just go to those places where you have found pleasure before even if you only have a glimmer of hope.  Third Street Beach around nine miles up the beach from the bridge is one of those places for me.

I can often go there even in the summer and find the parking lot nearly empty and perhaps only one or two groups of people on the beach.  I often find some quiet time at 3rd Street when it is hard to find anywhere else.

Also I have been known to grab half a dozen shrimp and lose myself in the surf while fishing for a few minutes at Third Street.

On June 22, I didn’t know if we could escape any of the smoke by just driving east, but as you can see from the picture, Third Street was a welcome improvement from the smoke that we saw in Bluewater Cove.

While I didn’t go for a long walk, I did enjoy the relatively smoke free air and the blue skies.  It was nice to see things look the way they normally are in Carteret County.

I am hoping we get some soaking rains soon so everyone can get back to sunny skies.