A favorite spot in Bogue Inlet

A favorite spot in Bogue Inlet

We had some unexpected company over the weekend.   My youngest daughter’s spousal equivalent (my wife’s favorite description) went camping at Oregon Inlet late last week.

He and a friend were headed home when the left rear wheel on his truck passed them just after getting off the Alligator River Bridge.

He managed to safely get his three wheeled truck off the road and eventually get it hauled to Plymouth, NC on Sunday afternoon.  I drove up from our house to rescue him and his camping buddy from spending a night or two at the Sportsman’s Inn.

The drive was enjoyable for me since it takes you through some very scenic farming country.  However, I think my two passengers were glad to see some ocean water when we got back to Carteret County.

Monday while we were waiting for the pickup truck to be repaired, I took them on a quick fishing trip.  We went down the White Oak River to the Intracoastal Waterway and followed it to Cow Channel which leads over to Hammock Beach or Bear Island.

I happen to think the area from Cow Channel over to Bogue Inlet is one of the prettiest spots on earth, and I wanted to show our visitors just how beautiful the waters are here along the Crystal Coast.  It was a stunning day even though we got started a little late for my taste.

We anchored behind Bear Island, and they caught their fill of small bottom fish.  We then headed over to the Point.  I have made that journey enough now that I am pretty familiar with the route, and as long as the light isn’t too bright, I have a good track to follow on my GPS.

There were a couple of spots we tried over by the Inlet, but we only got a couple of small sharks.  Then we made a quick trip back through the Bogue Inlet channel to the Intracoastal.  Before we headed up the White Oak, we made a stop at Dudley’s to fuel up with some of their ethanol free boat gas.

The trip up the White Oak was spectacular, and we were home by 12:30 PM just in time to grill some hamburgers.  It turned out to be another great morning here on the Crystal Coast.

If you are interested in seeing our journey on a map, this link will get you to a picture of the map of the trip that I recorded using my Android phone and the MyTracks app.  This is a link to an interactive Google map.

I also posted a few pictures taken on the trip on my Picasa Web Album site.  You should be mindful that the Point looks a lot different than in does on Google maps.  This is a link to a recent hike of mine along the shore of the Point.  There is a lot more sand there than Google would have you believe.

There aren’t many places that you can see that much beauty in a morning.