The lunch crowd at the Point

This has been a great spring for walking along the beach, and it does not take much to send me off on a beach hike.

After completing my personal challenge to walk all the beaches inside the town limits of Emerald Isle, I was itching to get back to the Point to see if there were any changes since my last trip there earlier in the spring.

I chose a Monday for my trip since I figured the crowds would be gone.  As you can see from the picture, my guess was absolutely right.  Of course I doubt there was really much of a crowd there even on the weekend.  People tend to avoid spots which require walking. I guess that is one of the reasons that I love the Point.

While the little parking lot on Coast Guard Road did have five or six vehicles in it when I arrived just after 11 AM,  there were only a few clumps of folks on the beach.  Even with that the beach actually had a few more folks than I thought might be there on a Monday.  I guess that is a function of our early warm water.

By the time I walked all the way to the end of the Point, even those people had disappeared.  I fished unsuccessfully for a few minutes in a spot that I particularly like just east of the Point.  Apparently it is a place of great structure but no fish.

Still it was a stunningly beautiful time out on the beach. The water was warm, the breeze just about right for the temperature, and the skies were blue.  Among other things, I got to watch boats trying to figure out the location of buoy #4 for the Bogue Inlet channel into the ocean.

There were also some boats riding the chop in the inlet and fishing the waters just off the Point.  I couldn’t tell it they were being more successful than me.   I also got to see some impressive waves breaking on the shoals just south of the Point.  Obviously that is a spot to avoid when boating.

Actually I don’t need much more entertainment than standing in the water and watching the crystal clear waves come ashore.  Just the waves and the odd shore bird are enough,  the boats and a few people walking the beach are just icing on the cake.

Still I was a little surprised that the Point itself was empty as noon rolled around, but after watching the boats bounce around in the Inlet, I was happy just to be soaking my feet in saltwater.

Hunger did finally motivate me to head across the 1400 ft. of sand that separates the water from the vehicle ramp at Inlet Drive.  The sand is pretty impressive and seems to stretch almost to the horizon.

That last picture captured the only change, some new vegetation,  that I noticed from my last hike on the Point.  I am glad to see the Point won’t be a desert beach.  Some vegetation might hold the sand a little more the next time we have a storm.

You can have a look at my hike on this map.  Rest assured that I do not walk on water, and the Point is a lot bigger than Google would have you believe.  My track is not far from the mid-tide line, and then heads back up the middle of the new giant expanse of sand that has come back to the Point.

You can check out my rough Photoshopped view of the Point at this link.  I haven’t had time to finish it, but it is more accurate than Google Maps currently.

It only takes about 15 minutes by car to get home from the Point so it is always a place that I consider when I need to feel one with the elements.  I don’t think I have ever had a bad hike on the Point even in the winter when I swear that I will wear gloves the next trip.