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Perfect Dipping Water

I am searching my memory for the earliest time that I have taken a complete dip in the ocean, and I think it is the first week of June. If that is the case, I established a new personal record … Continue reading

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Lunch hour at the Point

This has been a great spring for walking along the beach, and it does not take much to send me off on a beach hike. After completing my personal challenge to walk all the beaches inside the town limits of … Continue reading

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Water at Our Doorstep

Most people living along the Southern Outer Banks came here because of the water.  Even a casual visitor soon figures out that we have more types of water than the average spot. I am pretty ecumenical when it comes to … Continue reading

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A Crystal Coast Kind of Day

Every area has its sweet spot, and I like to think that one of the best times to enjoy the Crystal Coast is one of those warm, blue sky days like Saturday, May 7.  Sometimes, however, you have to be … Continue reading

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