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Perfect Dipping Water

I am searching my memory for the earliest time that I have taken a complete dip in the ocean, and I think it is the first week of June. If that is the case, I established a new … Continue reading

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Lunch hour at the Point

This has been a great spring for walking along the beach, and it does not take much to send me off on a beach hike. After completing my personal challenge to walk all the beaches inside the town … Continue reading

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Water at Our Doorstep

Most people living along the Southern Outer Banks came here because of the water.  Even a casual visitor soon figures out that we have more types of water than the average spot. I am pretty ecumenical when it … Continue reading

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A Crystal Coast Kind of Day

Every area has its sweet spot, and I like to think that one of the best times to enjoy the Crystal Coast is one of those warm, blue sky days like Saturday, May 7.  Sometimes, however, you have … Continue reading

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