May 2012 Great Weather then a Twister
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Now back to talking about May 2012 which turned out very different from
May of a year ago.

Last year our only rain in May was one quarter of an inch of rain on May 7, 2011. The heat also came early.

Then we didn’t get any more rain until June 20 when we got six tenths of an inch of precipitation. By late June last year, we had swamps burning.

This year significant precipitation has fallen on at least twelve days during this May. The total rainfall at my dock in May 2012 was close to six inches.

Unfortunately nearly three inches of that came with sub-tropical storm Beryl which produced
a tornado in western Carteret County.

Amazingly no one was hurt, but there was significant damage in our area. The only silver lining was the rain which fell.

When you combine the rain with generally seasonable temperatures and
a lack of really windy conditions, the growing season has been exceptional.

As a result of the early gardening season, I managed to get my first ripe tomato on May 28.

That was record for me, and I have been growing tomatoes for a long time.

The moderate overnight temperatures have kept conditions nearly perfect for our local produce. It is only recently that the local strawberries have disappeared and been replaced by blueberries.

We’re at June 5 as I write this, and I noticed when driving by
Winberry’s that they are advertising fresh local corn.

The weather has also been great for
walking on the beaches and enjoying the area’s waters. May 31 was a nearly perfect beach day.

I got to spend that last day of May playing on the wide beaches near the Point.

With my youngest daughter and granddaughter helping, we built sandcastles by the water.

Eventually I found a soft spot on the beach in the bright sunlight. While my granddaughter played in the wet sand and waves with her mother, I enjoyed the magic of the moment.

The slope is so shallow on the beaches to the east of the Point that it is prefect for teaching a three old how to play in the waves.

The pleasantly cool ocean waters were all that we needed to stay comfortable. My youngest daughter stayed with us for eleven days at the last of May. It was a great visit.

The weather was a pleasing mixture of cool to warm mornings with temperatures mostly in the mid eighties by afternoon. You don’t get much better beach weather than that.

We also enjoyed fresh local shrimp and crab along with all the local vegetables and berries. It is hard to beat the combination of great weather and good local food.

The ocean waters were not the only inviting waters along the Crystal Coast during May and early June.

Our inlet which leads from our subdivision to the White Oak River has been especially nice early in the morning and late in the evening.

With the inlet and river temperature in the upper seventies, it has been possible to enjoy the river whenever time permitted.

One of my favorite runs with our skiff is down the White Oak and across the Intracoastal Waterway to
the marshes by Huggins Island.

I love going to that area. My luck fishing is generally as good there as it is anywhere, and most importantly I can be there in a little over ten minutes.

Also if you know where to look on the horizon, you can see the backside of the beaches at Hammocks Beach State Park on Bear Island.

The view of the marshes is worth the trip even if I don’t catch anything.

I have also enjoyed some great sunsets on the river during the last few weeks.

While the tornado associated with Beryl shocked us all, the damage was limited to a relatively small area instead of the widespread damage that we saw with Hurricane Irene.

The beautiful sunsets on the river have helped to remind us of Mother Nature’s gentler side. If you live as close to Mother Nature as we do, there are going to be some challenges along the way. So far we aren’t in a drought this year, and we are thankful for that.

We should be able to enjoy our relatively uncrowded beaches for another week or so before we get our summer visitors.

This first full week of June has ushered in some cooler weather. With cooler than normal temperatures, our heat pumps will have a rest. Time will tell if the cool weather is good for fishing. So far the last week in May looks to have been a better beach week than the first week of June.

Picking an early beach week is always something of a gamble. Still a week at the beach is always better than a week at the office.

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Why we love it here?
It is hard to say that any place is perfect. You have to accept a balance between what you like and what you don't like but can tolerate. All of that changes as you age. At one time I was close to homesteading in Newfoundland. That is a little too far off the beaten path for me in 2012.

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Reading those articles lets you spend a virtual day with me. You can feel for how easy it is to enjoy life along the White Oak. Living in a small subdivision near Cape Carteret isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we have found it to be a great place for boating, relaxing, and learning to appreciate the world around us.

Our area is close to services and even closer to the beach but not on the beach. We have a dock behind the house, and there are some great trails nearby. I can ride my bike in the neighborhood and not face a lot of traffic. We’ve even found a great church home at Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church.

I also use my kayak on the White Oak River and have learned to love exploring the river and surrounding waters with our skiff.

This area also has some great festivals like the Newport Pig Cookoff, the Emerald Isle Saint Patrick's Day, the Swansboro Mullet Festival and the Swansboro Oyster Roast. We continue to be impressed with the Emerald Isle Christmas Parade.

It is a friendly area with a great future. So right now it is the spot for us. I often write about the area in my other websites. If you are a very avid reader, you might find some similar content on multiple sites, but usually the content is fairly specific to the sites.

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