Fall 2012
It is the middle of September 2012, and our late summer weather is about as nice as it gets.

We have had
more than our share of rain in Carteret County this summer. However, no one is complaining because it is better than the drought that we had last summer.

Back in July it seemed that
the heat was going to be here forever. Fortunately we have managed to get rid of much of the heat and humidity.

For the last few days we have actually been
riding the temperature curve by turning our heat pumps off, opening up our windows, and enjoying the fresh air.

Fall is the favorite time of year for most people who live along
the Crystal Coast. It looks like this year is going to be a great one.

We don’t have a lot of fall leaves on the coast, but occasionally we get some colorful leaves like those in the photograph that I snapped behind our house this week.

In our world of greens and blues, a little red or yellow is much appreciated. Of course the colors look much better under
the blue skies that have taken up residence here after our cloudy August.

With the remnants of Isaac’s moisture finally departing the East coast, we have really settled into a pattern of weather that is very easy to love.

It is a great time of year because the water is still warm, but the air is cooling down at night. Yet we still have nice and toasty afternoons.

With all the great weather and our prolonged goodbye to Roanoke, VA finally over, the beach has found its way back on my schedule, and my routine of afternoon hikes is almost back to normal.

My favorite spot for long beach hikes is the Point on Emerald Isle. We were out of town much of August so I was very happy to finally get back to the Point.

The Point is a very special place to me.
My normal hike around the Point is around 4.5 miles so it is not a place that I take lightly.

The wildness of the Point is a great refuge for people and animals. I find
a great deal of peace when I walk there.

We are into that time of year when fishermen drive on the beach so for the next few months, the Point won’t be quite as wild as I like it.

However, that won’t keep me from hiking there and enjoying the beautiful, ever-changing shore.

There are plenty of other places to find peace and solitude along the Crystal Coast while trucks are wandering the beaches.

Since it is in my backyard, one of my favorite spots is the White Oak River. It is a simple matter for me to access the White Oak by lowering my skiff down to the water or sliding my kayak into the water.

It just takes a few minutes for me to either idle out with the skiff or paddle the kayak out to the river. The White Oak also has the advantage of being a great place to fish.

This year the fall fishing is starting out strong. On the morning of Saturday, September 15, I went fishing in my kayak. I managed to catch three puppy drum and two flounders within sight of our house.

While the puppy drum were only twelve, fifteen, and sixteen inches,
one of the flounders was 16.5 inches so we managed to have a wonderful lunch of flounder fresh from the river.

Going fishing or just riding out on the water to watch the sun sink below the water are two of my favorite activities. The sunset picture was taken near Hancock Point on the White Oak River.

With so many choices of things to do on or near the water, it is no wonder that many of us have a hard time finding enough hours in the day.

This picture was taken at the back side of Bird Island. If you have really good eyes you might be able to see a hint of the Emerald Isle Bridge in the distance.

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Why we love it here?
It is hard to say that any place is perfect. However, for those who think a walk on the beach is better than a trip to the mall, the Crystal Coast is hard to beat.

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