If you are new to Applepeels, I worked at Apple from 1984 until 2004. I was there to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great.

I was there before Steve left, while he was gone, and when he came back. Though I was asked to leave Apple in 2004, all my reviews were glowing ones including the final one that I received. Most of the people on my team were systematically eliminated from Apple within three years of my departure. It was one of those things that happens in corporations. Sometimes you can get an empty suit vice president who cares more about making a mark than doing the right thing for the company.

I ended my career at Apple with a wall full of sales awards including Enterprise Manager of the Year in 2002. I would have won the award again in 2003 but management mysteriously cancelled the award that year. Many of my ex-Apple customers are still great friends.

My team of which I am still very proud tripled federal sales in four years, and the year I left we were tracking just under 70% growth year over year.

If you want more information you can buy my book
the Pomme Company which was published in the fall of 2012.

I write about Apple because people including Apple employees still tell me that they enjoy my perspective especially in world of people who are often blinded by Apple’s fame and high stock price.

Someone has to tell the story of the thousands of people who kept the lights on at Apple before success found the company, and until someone else speaks up, I will continue to tell the Apple story as fairly as possible.

My perspective is that of someone who uses Macs, Windows, Linux and who is an ex-insider and an Apple computer user since August 1982.

My most recent Macintosh is a 2013 MacMini but the most famous one is
my I5 iMac that was purchased in October 2010. It became the infamous iLemon. I am currently running Apple's High Sierra OS on that famous iMac which received a heart transplant of a new SSD drive a few years ago with the help of my son. I also have an old dual G5 system from 2004 that I keep running just for the memories. One of my favorite systems is a Lenovo I5 Desktop which runs Xubuntu Linux in 8 GBs of RAM from a 500GB SSD. My newest computer which arrived Thanksgiving 2017 is a 13.3" (3840 X 2160) Touchscreen display HP Envy with an eighth generation I7 processor. I like Macs but the new ones are way too expensive for my budget. You can read more about the history of my balanced computing world at this article.

For over five years, I have worked for a company that uses Macs so they are part of my business life which you will find at
my About Me page with more detailed information available on my LinkedIn profile. I also have an Amazon author profile page which lists all the books that I have written. There is some more pre-Apple history and details of our life on the North Carolina coast my homepage.

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information about the coast of North Carolina between Beaufort and Swansboro.

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